More on Cheese…or Dairy Actually

After I wrote my “cheese” entry, I thought I should have included something on dairy in general. Believe it or not there are excellent vegan versions for almost every dairy staple. Thank God for soy! For instance, I eat vegan ice cream, milk, sour cream, and cream cheese. I definitely thought I would rely on these substitutes much more than I actually do. I ate way more dairy products before I went vegan and I think only because I didn’t eat as healthfully as I do today.

My diet today is much different from when I initially went vegan at the beginning of 2005. I tend to lean towards a whole foods diet with the occasional guilty pleasure of soy ice cream or a pizza with soy cheese now. But in the beginning, I needed to try everything so I didn’t feel deprived. No one should suffer (animals or people)! Over time you too may not crave dairy-type products as much but if you do, there are plenty of tasty ones to go around.

So give it a go…try some of these vegan “dairy” products. Some are better than others. Have fun. Experiment. Here are my faves:

Better Than Cream Cheese by Tofutti

Better than Sour Cream by Tofutti

Tofutti Cuties vegan ice cream sandwiches

Temptation Vegan Ice Cream (Chicago-based!)

Purely Decadent vegan ice cream

It’s Soy Delicious fruit-sweetened vegan ice cream