You Don’t Have to Wear Ugly Shoes

Being a vegan is about more than just the food you eat. An important part of being vegan is what you wear. Vegans don’t eat or wear animal products. (Check out to learn why leather is cruel.) It was probably harder for me initially to wrap my brain around this than it was to think about giving up cheese. Basically it went something like this…”I have to give up cute, leather shoes…I don’t want to wear ugly shoes…I’m going to have wear hippy shoes if I go vegan…Where am I going to shop?…I don’t want to wear ugly shoes!” This was my small, uninformed mind thinking these silly thoughts.

Well, guess what! You don’t have to wear ugly shoes. Cute, fun, fashionable vegan shoes are widely available for guys and girls. Yippee! I mean a girl needs her cute shoes. And, guys, you too can have cool vegan shoes. Like I said before, no one should suffer.

Vegan shoes come in all different types of materials–not just “pleather” anymore. Yep, you will find pvc but you will also find microfiber, canvas, fake suede, hemp, and many other types of fabric. So where can you get some cute vegan shoes? I have listed some web sites below but often times I have found vegan shoes in major department stores and national chains such as the Gap, Ann Taylor Loft, and Macy’s. There are lots of options out there and for all different budgets. Read the labels and look for “man made.” It’s a phrase I have come to adore.

Happy (vegan) shopping! Don’t forget to pick up some new vegan belts and purses while you’re at it!

1. Moo Shoes

2. Alternative Outfitters

3. Vegan Essentials

4. Charmone

5. Beyond Skin

6. Ethical Planet

7. Earth Vegan

8. Payless

9. Zappos (vegetarian section)

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