Be prepared. Part II.

It’s so hard to be vegan…I travel a lot. It’s so hard to be vegan…I work long hours and I’m never home to cook. I have heard both statements a lot. Omnivores tell me this all the time when they learn I’m vegan. They say, “I could never do that. I travel all the time.” What? They only sell meat in airports and other cities! I’m sure I have even uttered these same words myself. Silly me! Traveling and working long hours doesn’t make it hard to be vegan. Just be prepared.

Bring healthy, vegan snacks along with you. Same goes for working long days. Bring nuts, energy bars, fruit, or baby carrots in your bag. Bring your favorite snack food. Bring whatever vegan treats will get you through the day. This may require a little thought before leaving home, but it’s not hard.

Unfortunately I tend to be forgetful and have left home unprepared many times when traveling for work. Bad idea. I get headaches when I don’t eat! If you happen to be forgetful too, don’t despair. You can get vegan food in airports. All the stores sell nuts and you can usually find fruit at one of the restaurants. Full meals can usually be found too. You may need to have a menu item altered but that’s not a big deal. Most people are willing to help, if you ask. No one should go hungry…no one should suffer.

The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine reports annually on airport food choices around the country. Check out the 2006 Winter report before your next trip:

Airport Food Improves: Most Restaurants Now Offering Healthful Low-Fat, Vegetarian Choices!

Plan ahead. Be prepared. It’s easy being vegan!