Open Up to the World

Before I went vegan I ate a fairly boring vegetarian diet. Basically, it was the standard American diet minus the meat and every meal was covered in cheese. When I went vegan I became more open-minded about food. I craved more options than what a standard American diet (minus meat, eggs and dairy) would allow. I found it was super easy to eat a variety of foods on a vegan diet when I ate globally. (And, it’s healthy too. Eating a variety of foods ensures you get the required nutrients your body needs.)

In an earlier post I mentioned I coordinate a veggie dinner club. We have tried all kinds of food in Chicago that I may have never tried if I didn’t go vegan such as Soul, Ethiopian, Indian, Korean, and Japanese. Before being vegan, I never would have believed that Ethiopian food would become one of my favorites, and now it is. I also love spicy Indian food and vegan sushi. Luckily I can now add those to my favorite standbys of Mexican, Thai, and Chinese. I bet there are plenty of international foods that I still haven’t tried and I can’t wait to discover them.

On Mercy For Animals’ website you will find tips and recipes for eating a more ethnically diverse diet. See tip #2: Think globally, eat locally. Try a new recipe or visit a local ethnic restaurant today. If you think you’ll be bored eating vegan, think again.

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