Animal Ingredients List for your iPod

The list of animal ingredients in food and beauty products is extensive, overwhelming, and can seem like a foreign language at times.

For example: Civet is an unctuous secretion painfully scraped from a gland very near the genital organs of civet cats.  Used as a fixative in perfumes. Alternatives: labdanum oil (which comes from various rockrose shrubs) and other plants with a musky scent. (from HappyCow’s Animal Ingredients List A-Z.)

Ughhh. No need to despair. Of course, you can go old school and buy the book, Animal Ingredients A-Z, Third Edition

Better yet, try this electronic version (Save some trees!) that can be downloaded to your iPod. Check out Animal Ingredients List A-Z for iPod. It’s simple to download and includes short instructions for loading to your iPod. The site sources and The Vegan Society for the information. Download it today and the next time you are at the supermarket reading food labels, you can whip out your iPod to check questionable ingredients. Very convenient. After all, it’s easy being vegan!

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