Vegan Care Packages

This fall my oldest niece went off to college. I can remember clear as day listening to the voicemail during junior year of college from my sister saying she had her baby. She was named Alexandra Danielle but we call her Ali. I was thrilled to be an aunt for the first time and it has been very cool to watch her grow up. It’s hard to believe she’s really in college, but again I am thrilled because now I can do for her what my oldest sister did for me. I get to send her care packages. These are so fun to put together. It’s easy to make them vegan with all kinds of good stuff even my non-vegan niece will enjoy. Below are pictures of what I sent in her first care package.

dscn0464Typical vegan snacks and junk food were the essential ingredients. This was super easy too. The hardest part is not eating any of the snacks myself, which I was guilty of with care package #2. (Sorry, Ali! I’ll make it up to you next time.) Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods or Wild Oats, and Ethical Planet in Evanston are great for vegan snacks. I have even found vegan snacks at Target, such as the Back to Nature peanut butter creme cookies. Yum. Perhaps you know a college student who could use a surprise care package this winter? I’m already working on her next one!

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