It’s easy being vegan! pauses for a brief commercial break…

…or to be precise, a short public service announcement.

 Foster parents needed for homeless cats in Chicago

My good friend, Lisa, who has generously volunteered her time on behalf of homeless animals for years is looking for cat foster parents. In an effort to help her make some new connections, I am posting information on how Chicago residents can get involved.


The kitties are various ages and sizes. Some need foster situations where there are no other animals; others would be fine in foster homes where there are already existing pets (cats and/or dogs). There are singles and pairs, younger cats, adults — you name it, she’s got it. 

 A few names and descriptions:

Cricket—front declawed, white with black spots
Bobby—front declawed, white with black spots, excellent appetite
Flapjack—a very friendly orange and white male, FIV+
Little Black Cat—shy
Smoke #2—longhaired gray, very sweet
Cali the Calico—extremely friendly and outgoing

If you or someone you know might be interested in fostering a cat(s) in the city of Chicago, you can contact Lisa via email at