Veg Updates

heartIt’s been awhile and I missed you! I have been collecting updates to post, so here goes…

iCream in Wicker Park/Bucktown is open again after a difficult start last year according to TimeOut Chicago magazine. Using soy ice cream, you can custom create your own flavor and toppings. Sounds yummy! I have yet to visit this sweet shop. If you go, drop me a note and let me know how it is. is a new veg-friendly cafe I read about on Metromix. Again, I haven’t been there yet, so let me know how you like if you go.

The Chicago Vegan Meetup is presenting a “Vegan Activism Workshop Featuring Mercy For Animals” on Saturday, April 4. For more information, visit Vegan Chicago Meetup.

Mercy For Animals announced this week that Boca Burgers will remove all eggs from its products by year-end. Woo-hoo!

Lastly, get free vegan lifestyle coaching from Vegan at Heart. If you are a vegan at heart, but have a difficult time practicing being vegan then this is for you! Give it a try today.