New Vegan Cheese Company!

Before I went vegan, I always said, “I could never give up cheese.” Of course, I was wrong. I could give up cheese and did so without anything catastrophic happening! I say that because I often hear this as I did just last week. “I COULD NEVER GIVE UP CHEESE!” Omnivores and especially vegetarians say it like the world might end if they gave it up. I write this without any judgement whatsoever because I definitely said this when I was vegetarian. Definitely. Life without cheese has proved to be very good though. Even so, I’m always happy to find tasty vegan cheeses, since there are quite a few not-so-tasty vegan cheeses on the market as well as many soy cheeses that actually contain dairy (casein).

cheese1After yesterday’s Chicago vegan meetup, a new vegan cheese company provided a sampling of its new products. Ste Martaen is a gourmet cheese alternative company and offers five flavors: Smoked Gouda, Muenster, Colby, Pepper Jack, and Olive. I tasted the Pepper Jack on a cracker and it was delicious. The cheeses are 100% dairy and soy free. One question you might be asking, “Does it melt?” Unfortunately I don’t know. I didn’t stick around long enough to ask, but you can test it on your own soon. It will be available locally at Whole Foods, Treasure Island, and other health food stores. Check out their website for more information.

Another gourmet vegan cheese company you may want to try is Dr. Cow. Its cheeses are excellent and can be ordered online directly through the company or also through Vegan Essentials and other online vegan stores. Enjoy!