Back to Basics: Yogurt


Silk brand yogurt at Whole Foods

January 1, 2010 will mark my five year anniversary as a vegan. Becoming vegan wasn’t a new year’s resolution for me but January 1 is an excellent time to make a fresh start. So over the next few weeks (or months), I want to focus on vegan substitutions. Experimenting with these foods makes becoming veg much easier. You just have to know the products available and find the ones you like.

Let’s start with yogurt because a friend recently asked me if there was a vegan yogurt. Of course, there is! Vegan yogurt is readily available at Whole Foods and other natural food stores. Several brands are available. Ask your local supermarket to carry vegan yogurt. As I have mentioned before, I found soy ice cream at my local Dominick’s. If they are willing to carry vegan ice cream, it’s likely they would consider selling non-dairy yogurt as well.

Soy yogurt tastes very much like milk-made yogurt. You can cook with it just like dairy products. Last night I used vanilla-flavored in a cupcake recipe. There is also a newer coconut milk yogurt available by So Delicious.

A word of caution: Watch out for soy products containing non-vegan probiotics. If you want to include probiotics in your diet, vegan options are available.