Back to Basics: Vegan Milkshakes

Recently I was getting my hair cut. (And colored. Nope, not a natural blonde.) I wasn’t feeling so good that morning. I’d had about two glasses of wine too many the night before. This doesn’t happen very often. I have tamed my wild ways but apparently I’m not entirely immune.

My hair dresser said, “You need a milkshake. That always cures my hangovers. Oh, but you can’t have one because you’re vegan.” The last part was said with a bit of a snarl because I’m always talking up my vegan diet to him. Can I help it if he wants to lose weight and I know a great way to do that! (There are many benefits of a vegan diet. I apply as needed to any given conversation.)

“Excuse me,” I said, “but yes, I drink milkshakes. I just make mine differently.” I was feeling better already. There’s nothing better than having a ready-reply when an omnivore speaks inaccuracies.

Cure a hangover with a milkshake? Hmmm. I haven’t heard this before. Personally I’m not convinced. I’ve always been drawn to something fried and greasy when I’m feeling pain from the previous night’s adventure. But heck, it’s worth a shot (ha! pun intended) — because you can make rich, creamy, vegan milkshakes and some may just be good for you. Some ideas:

1. The vegan milkshakes from the Chicago Diner are to die for. They are made with Chicago Soy Dairy’s Temptation ice cream. Yum.  Lovin’ Spoonfuls in Tucson makes the best soy milk shakes. If you’re ever there, try the chocolate peanut butter cup. I despise the desert but would happily visit this vegan restaurant anytime.

2. Make your own vegan milkshake. Use soy, rice, or almond milk with some vegan ice cream. Using a blender, mix together with something special like peanut butter or vegan chocolate chips and, voila! — a vegan milkshake is born. Easy.

3. Try a healthy, raw nut milk. Delicious and healthy. Add in some chocolate and I bet this dairy-free treat would kill a hangover in no time. Try this recipe for a chocolate mylk shake from Ani Phyo (raw food expert). Normally I find raw food takes a lot of time to make, but this is a simple and quick recipe that is good for you too.

Here’s hoping no ones needs a milk shake to cure a hangover any time soon!

Dispelling vegan myths one blog post at a time. What will I hear next? No conversation (or person) is safe. Have you heard any good ones lately? Let me know.