California: Day 8 and Home

Day 8

Today was super foggy. It gets like that out here. There is even a cafe in Point Arena called Fog Eaters. It’s like the fog rushes into the shoreline and suddenly stops. The highway that runs parallel to the coast was not foggy at all.

The plan was to go to the Point Arena lighthouse that just opened back up after some restoration work, but the fog was so thick, there wouldn’t have been anything to see. We couldn’t even see the lighthouse from the parking area. On the drive there, we spotted sea lions lounging on some rocks just off shore. Cute blubbery creatures they are.


We took Sadie, my sister’s Cocker Spaniel and possibly the sweetest dog in the world, to Irish Beach for a walk. We saw all kinds of interesting stuff: a “love shack” built out of stray wood, white barnacles and sea anemones stuck to rocks in a tide pool, horses, more sperm…I mean kelp, and ice plants. I had never seen sea anemones before and found them fascinating.

After our walk on the beach, my sister said “that’s trudging!” I would agree. There wasn’t a good flat hard surface anywhere to be found. We definitely got in a workout today. Then back to the market with the hot cashier for some goodies before the neighbors come over for drinks. No nap today.

We had hoped that we could sit in the hot tub one more time and look at the stars tonight before heading home tomorrow, but the fog didn’t cooperate. After living in Chicago for 15 years, I had almost forgotten stars existed, so I was thrilled I was able to enjoy them at least once while out here.

The Love Shack built by previous guests at my sister house

Sea anemones

Large sea anemone open underwater

Large sea anemone closed underwater

Day 9

Alarm rings at 5am. Four hours by car. Lots of twists and turns. Nausea. Breakfast. Four hours by plane. Hugs and kisses at the airport. Home sweet home, Chicago.