Vegan Travel Made Easy

Recently I spent a week in La Jolla, California. When I travel, I rely on Happy Cow. It’s a website listing thousands of veg-friendly restaurants, markets and health food stores worldwide. This website makes eating vegan while traveling a breeze. To use the site, you enter your location and the site lists the veg-friendly options within your chosen radius. I use the Happy Cow app on my smartphone. The app uses the phone’s GPS, which makes the search even easier.

Search results for La Jolla proved disappointing. Only three eateries plus a market popped up. I was in California after all. We were on foot and none of these were within walking distance. Surprised by the lack of choices, I did a quick google search for “healthy restaurants in La Jolla.” I found Lean & Green just a few blocks away — not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant but it offers many vegan options prominently marked on the menu. Problem solved.

My one complaint about Happy Cow is that it won’t allow you to submit primarily omnivore restaurants. I would agree for the most part, however, last Winter I was in Cadillac, Michigan — not exactly a vegan-friendly town. The best option we could find for dinner was Ruby Tuesday’s. This restaurant offers a huge salad bar which is very vegan-friendly. It may be one of the few items on the menu that is vegan-friendly but I created a delicious and fulfilling meal as did my boyfriend and his daughter. When we went to submit this restaurant to Happy Cow, the site refused this listing because it was not vegan-friendly enough. In some parts of the world, the submission rules do a disservice to the vegan community, but other than that, this site is very useful and makes traveling easy.

Happy Cow’s site content is dependent on the veg community submitting new restaurants and adding restaurant reviews. So do your part to increase Happy Cow’s listings as I did by submitting a new restaurant. Now there are four vegan-friendly spots listed in La Jolla!

P.S. I’m off to submit a review for a new Chicago restaurant I visited last weekend, Urban Vegan. Yum!