New Chicago Restaurant: Urban Vegan

1605 West Montrose Avenue, Chicago

Last weekend I checked out a new restaurant in Chicago, Urban Vegan Thai Cuisine. I first heard about it on Facebook and then three non-vegan friends sent me emails about it. I almost felt obligated to eat there right away! No, not really. Actually, my boyfriend and I fell into a restaurant-rut, so I made a list of restaurants to try. Urban Vegan topped the list since I haven’t had Thai food in ages.

Urban Vegan is a small joint on Montrose just West of Ashland. It only seats about 16 people. A friend warned me about the wait. He drove by it the previous weekend and saw people waiting outside on the sidewalk. We arrived about 6:30 and waited 20 minutes or so for a table. The wait proved worth it.

The restaurant boasts a large all-vegan menu full of mostly Thai food, but you will notice a few American items thrown in like french fries and veggie burgers. Bill and I ordered dinner combinations which included an entrée with choice of tofu, soy chicken, seitan, pepper steak or soy fish, side green salad, two mini spring rolls, brown rice and soup — a lot of food for $11.95 each. I enjoyed the green curry dish which described as medium spicy on the menu, which is an accurate description. It was delicious but give me anything made with coconut milk and I would like it. I opted for soy chicken in my curry and it was the right choice. I wasn’t expecting the spring rolls to be fried but they were, so you could say they were just like “egg” rolls except vegan. The miso soup was a little bland but everything else made up for it. Bill ordered the Lentil Loaf. He was surprised by the texture. It was a bit soft inside, but the flavor was a-okay.

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The next day I enjoyed leftover green curry and rice for dinner. Just as good the second time around. I can’t wait to go back and try some other dishes like the Pad Thai or Red Curry. Urban Vegan offers take-out and delivery options, so don’t let the crowd stop you. Check it out and support local vegan businesses.

Urban Vegan Thai Cuisine
1605 West Montrose Avenue
Chicago IL 60613
Phone: 773-404-1109

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