Snacking on the Go

Taking a Break from Gardening

My personal philosophy is to eat whole foods. I avoid packaged, processed foods as much as possible. Bringing a piece of fresh fruit or a bag of raw nuts with you is a simple way to ensure healthy snacking. It’s also a good idea to keep healthy snacks around that have a longer shelf life then say, an apple. Enter Peeled Snacks.

Peeled Snacks are a healthy alternative to fresh fruit. It’s organic, “gently-dried” fruit in a resealable package. Peeled Snacks come in many flavors including mango, cherry, apricot, apple and grape. Each flavor tastes just like dehydrated fruit even though some are sun-dried. All were fresh but the true standout was the mango, which was almost juicy.

Peeled Snacks come in two sizes: single serving and family size. Give them a try if you enjoy dried fruit. I have enjoyed Peeled Snacks while gardening and sailing. Both sizes are portable and convenient.

Full Disclosure:  Peeled Snacks were provided free of charge for sampling. The product review is completely my opinion.

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