My Secret Love

A Vegan Flavor. Woohoo!

I have a not-so-well-kept secret. I love Pop Chips. Love them. I have always loved flavored chips. Corn chips are boring. Spicy salsa flavored corn chips are fun. I stopped eating (well, almost) fried chips when I found Pop Chips. They are lower in fat and calories. So when I occasionally eat them, I don’t feel bad about it. But, I’m stuck with the original flavor. Boring. Most of the other flavors contain milk.

That all changed today. I spotted a new flavor, Chili Lime, and they’re vegan — not to mention good. I had to try ’em. I mean, I must report all things vegan, right? The package even states the chips are vegan under the list of ingredients. The website also lists which flavors are vegan. The Chili Lime must be hot out of the popper. It’s not even listed on the website yet. Did I just see a jalapeño flavor that’s also vegan!

Although today started off shaky with loud music pouring out of a young man’s earphones on the train and a stinky smoker sitting next to me, it ended in a beautiful way. I’m fulfilled.

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