Just Google It

It’s easy being vegan ’cause you can find anything on the internet. How did we live without google?!

Okay, so you want something egg-like for breakfast without the cruelty. Type in “vegan eggs” in the google box and hit search. Here are a couple of the results:

Let’s do another one. Say you’re single and want to find a vegan boyfriend or girlfriend. Type in “vegan dating” and you’ll find veg dating sites:

Now that you have a date lined up, you’ll need some new vegan shoes and accessories. Since Winter’s upon us, let’s find some vegan boots:

So, you get the idea. You can find anything on the internet, which makes being vegan very easy. What are you looking for?

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Author’s Note: Because this post and many others use words like egg and ham (i.e. words associated with animal products), it’s likely you will see ads for meat on this site. I currently use the free version of WordPress, which means those guys control the ads and make money from them. Hey, you get what you pay for! Over the next few months, I intend to move to the full version of WordPress where I have more control. Thanks for your patience.

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