Favorite Vegan Cookbooks

It’s easy being vegan ’cause there are hundreds of vegan cookbooks. There’s nothing boring about eating vegan.

Just go to any bookstore or browse online to check out the many vegan cookbooks available. More come out every month! Choose from healthy to comfort-food to low-fat to raw food and to every ethnic cuisine under the sun. You’ll find cookbooks for quick and easy meals and books for the gourmet. Just because you’re eating vegan and remove animal products from your diet, doesn’t mean you don’t have choices.

My favorite cookbooks that I use time-and-time-again are:

Another good resource is Vegetarian Times. This magazine might not be vegan, but I’ve found some great recipes between its covers. There are also a gazillion vegan blogs where you can find legitimate recipes without ever spending a penny. But, cookbooks are interesting to read and browse through. Authors usually include key cooking tips and tricks. Having a few around will prove handy in the kitchen.

You have lots of choices. Happy cooking!

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