A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

How will you celebrate Thanksgiving this year? I plan to join some friends for a home-cooked vegan meal. Whether you enjoy cooking, eating out or carrying in, you have options for a very vegan Thanksgiving. But first, let’s watch a new Mercy for Animals commercial:

According to Mercy for Animals

More than 300 million turkeys are killed in the U.S. every year – 40 million for Thanksgiving dinners alone. Most turkeys killed for food are raised in unnatural conditions, crammed by the thousands into windowless warehouses, where disease, smothering and heart attacks are common. Turkeys are drugged and bred to grow so large, so quickly that their legs are often unable to withstand their own weight. Countless birds slowly starve to death within inches of food after they become crippled and are unable to move.

Ideas for Celebrating Thanksgiving the Vegan Way

  • Check out Nava Atlas’ new cookbook, the Vegan Holiday Kitchen, for seasonal recipes.
  • Some Whole Foods Markets offer vegan holiday dinner take-out. It’s as simple as ordering online. Call your local store to see if they are participating.
  • Someone, Not Something.

    Many veg restaurants celebrate Thanksgiving by offering a special vegan menu for eating in or carrying out including The Chicago Diner and Native Foods. Check out your local veg restaurant online to see if it offers a vegan Thanksgiving. Call to make reservations soon. Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

  • To find a veg restaurant in your area, visit Veg Guide or Happy Cow. Vegan dining is often just a click away.
  • In Chicago, the raw food community celebrates every year with a gratitude dinner in mid-November. Check out Meetup for a group in your area.

If you, like most people, celebrate Thanksgiving with omnivores, be sure to bring a delicious vegan dish to share. It’s a great way for meat-eaters to experience vegan food. Don’t be shy about it either. Call up your host and offer to help. Most people will be pleased as punch to have one less worry for the big day.

I hope all of you who stop by It’s Easy Being Vegan enjoy a delicious vegan Thanksgiving meal. But mostly, I hope you take time this holiday season to consider the good in your life — no matter what you find on your Thanksgiving table. I am grateful to all of you who read this blog, whether you are vegan or not. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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