Vegan Yoga Instructors

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your helpful website. Can you recommend some vegan yoga teachers on DVD? I would just like to follow and support someone in line with my perspective.

Mike in Arizona

Hi Mike,

Thanks for writing. This is a great question! As a fellow yogi, I understand why this would be important to you. I wrote about this several years ago in terms of why veganism goes hand-in-hand with yoga. Surprisingly there aren’t as many vegan yoga instructors as you would think.

Sharon Gannon and David Life of Jivamukti Yoga are dedicated vegans and master yoga teachers. A few years ago I attended a yoga retreat at Esalen where Sharon and David taught yoga and inspired yogis to eat compassionately. They have a yoga studio in New York City but  you can buy their yoga instruction DVD’s and CD’s at their online boutique to use at home. They also offer a teacher training program once a year and you can find certified Jivamukti instructors all over the world.

Sharon Gannon wrote Yoga and Vegetarianism and you can watch her give a talk on this subject here. Another book that may be of interest that I’m reading is The Inner Art of Vegetarianism by Carol Adams.

In the recent Food for Thought newsletter by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, she sent out a call for vegan wellness practitioners including yoga teachers. She will be building a list. This will make it easier to find instructors in your area, because there are vegan yoga instructors, who are not Jivamukti teachers, such as myself.

Lastly, for all the yogis out there, the World Peace and Yoga Jubilee combines veganism and yoga into a weekend festival. Although I haven’t attended (yet!), it sounds amazing and we are sure to find our tribe there

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