365 Vegan Tips

A Snapshot of my Vegan Vision Board

Happy new year! Every year I create a vision board. This year’s theme is all about being vegan — that is, YOU, Me and everyone we know. In support of my vision, I am sharing one tip per day to make being vegan easy on my Facebook page. You can “like” my page to see them daily or check them out here in one weekly post.

Help me make my vision real and tell your mom, dad, sister, brother, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends. Well, just tell everyone you know. And, thank you. Here we go!

Tip #1: Change your mind.

It’s all in your attitude. Be positive and expect good things. (I bet you thought I was going to say something about food!)

Don’t just say “I think I can, I think I can.” Say, “I know I can, I know I can.”

Tip #2: Find Your Tribe.

Don’t walk the vegan path alone. Bring a friend or family member along. If you don’t know anyone, join a local meetup, volunteer with like-minded peeps or connect with a group online. Having support in person or online is one of the most important steps you can take for a successful transition. This same advice goes for any major change in your life. People need people. Go get your vegan buddy now.

Tip #3: Go vegan because YOU want to.

It seems everyone is fascinated by which celebrities are going vegan — even a smart Harvard professor recently started an article with a list of vegan celebrities, otherwise a good article. Who cares which movie star or rock star is vegan today. It’s just as likely that tomorrow they won’t be.

Go vegan because YOU want to, not because a celebrity just went vegan or that it’s cool. Celebrities go vegan everyday and many return to an omnivore diet. Being vegan is trendy, but for us real folks, it’s not trendy at all. It’s just the way we live — ethically, healthfully, compassionately, sustainably. Nothing trendy about that but it sure does feel good. Know why you are vegan and practice articulating it, so you don’t get tripped up when asked the hard questions by omnivores. Join Toastmasters if you have to.

Tip #4: Be a Healthy Vegan.

Read Vegan for Life to learn about being a healthy vegan. It’s almost as easy to eat a SAD diet as a veg-head as it is an omnivore. A lot of processed foods are vegan. Learn what it takes to be a healthy vegan now to get on the road to success. The authors of Vegan for Life offer down-to-earth advice AND scientific facts you need to know. Bonus tip: Subscribe to their blogs to stay on top of vegan health topics on-going.

Jack Norris, RD

Virginia Messina, MPH, RD

Tip #5: Do not miss meat, eggs, dairy, leather, wool, etc.

The book, Voices From the Garden, presents the stories of 45 vegans. The story, Because I Care, by Erin Moore stuck with me. One sentence helped me immensely: “There is no point to missing it, because I will never have it again, and that would be torture.” This concept allowed me to let it all go. Think about it. Why miss something you have decided to give up? Practicing yoga might also help.

Tip #6: Expand your horizons.

Eat globally. Many ethnic restaurants offer a variety of vegan options. Ethiopian and Indian are two of my favorites.

Tip #7: Learn to cook.

Once you know the basics, cooking can be fun and creative. It’s like any skill — the more you practice, the better you get. Knowing how to cook will serve you well throughout your life. It gives YOU control over what you put in your mouth. If you want to eat vegan and healthy, this is the best way to make that happen. Take action: Sign up for a cooking class or buy a new cookbook today.

Extra, extra! Submit a question about veganism anytime to itseasybeingvegan@gmail.com. I will answer all questions related to veganism. If I don’t know the answer, I will find it. Guaranteed.

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