Do You Cheat?

“The commitment to morality, or non-harming, is a source of tremendous strength, because it helps free the mind from the remorse of having done unwholesome actions. Freedom from remorse leads to happiness. Happiness leads to concentration. Concentration brings wisdom. And wisdom is the source of peace and freedom in our lives.” ~Joseph Goldstein, A Heart Full of Peace

Hi Christine,

Do you ever deviate?  Do you have so much as a sprinkle of, say, parmesan cheese?  ;)

Denise, Naperville, IL

Hi Denise,

Nope, I don’t knowingly cheat on my vegan diet. I’m vegan for ethical reasons, mainly because I want to avoid animal cruelty. This makes it pretty hard to cheat and then feel good about my actions. When I behave in ways that make me feel good, I’m happy. I like being happy! I feel good about being vegan. In fact, it feels awesome.

But, it is NOT about being perfect. It’s about accepting where you are at any given time. It took me a long time to get here — 19 years. If I find out after I ate something that it isn’t vegan, I don’t beat myself up. I just avoid that particular dish in the future. I want to do my best and I hope by doing that, I inspire a few more folks to also give up animal products.

Thanks for the question, Denise!


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