Week 4 Round Up: More Tips For Being Vegan

Week 4 Vision Board Snapshot

As January comes to a close, I realized that 365 tips for being vegan is a lot of tips. My creativity (and discipline) will be tested this year. What did I get myself into?! However, I can do it and so can you, so I present seven more tips.

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Tip #22: Hook up.

Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away. If you’re single, try an online dating site for veg-heads: veggiedate.org, veggieconnection.com or greensingles.com. Better yet, infiltrate the mainstream dating scene at eharmony.com or match.com. Perhaps your new partner will go vegan! (By the way, online dating can work. I speak from experience.)

Tip #23: Get educated.

Sign up for a vegan nutrition course. Check out this affordable course at Oakland University. Click on “course registration” in the top right corner, then search “vegan.” Bonus: You will meet like-minded folks!

Tip #24: Continue your education.

If you read The China Study (and I think you should), then you might be interested in this eCornell course on plant-based nutrition created by the author. Bonus: You can meet like-minded folks using its social networking site or in its LinkedIn group once you sign up.

Tip #25: Be prepared.

Keep healthy snacks with you, so you won’t go hungry or worse, succumb to convenience junk food. Pack your bag with some raw nuts, fresh or dried fruit or granola bars. You’ll be glad you did when hunger strikes at inconvenient times. Try this “Yummy Oat Bar” recipe. It’s a tasty and healthy between-meal snack.

Tip #26: Explore the Vegan Essentials website.

This is the place to shop for all things vegan. The site stocks great options for vegan transition food, including 45 different cheese alternatives. I’m eager to try the vegan “Feta”. Anybody tried it? Have fun trying new foods! Bonus: Sign up for their monthly newsletter and get a discount code to save money. You will be supporting a vegan business too.

Tip #27: Be awesome.

Check out the 75 Reasons Being Veg is Awesome by VegNews. What’s your favorite reason?

Tip #28: Learn your ABCs…

…the ABCs of animal ingredients that is. You may be surprised where you will find hidden animal ingredients.

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