More Tips for the Vegan Life

You can do it. We can do it. Let's all do it.

More tips for you. It really is easy being vegan. Remember, tip #1: Change your mind. If you think you can, you can. Don’t forget to spread the word. Share this post with everyone you know. With your help, I see my vision coming true. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tip #36: Have FUN being vegan!

Sometime the heaviness of what’s happening to the animals, the Earth and to people’s health can take a toll. While these are serious topics, it’s important to have fun with the change. Enjoy the new foods, recipes, restaurants and friends, yes, new friends. Vegans love people too. Enjoy the journey.

P.S. Have fun shopping for new vegan shoes, bags, clothes and coats too.

Tip #37: Vegans eat yogurt.

Soy yogurt is available at many grocery and health food stores. Until recently, we could only find flavored yogurt (full of sugar), but now Whole Soy & Co. makes an unsweetened plain flavor. Keep a look out for new products. Something new is always popping up! If you see a vegan product advertised in a magazine or online but don’t see it in the store, ask for it. That is how we got our hands on this new yogurt.

Tip #38: Homemade pasta doesn’t need eggs.

Unfortunately most fresh pasta at restaurants and groceries is made with eggs. Boxed pasta at the grocery is typically vegan. Make your own pasta with this recipe from the Vegan Dad blog. This is the recipe we used when we made pasta recently and it turned out great. Although making pasta can be time and labor intensive, it’s rewarding when you sit down to eat. Plus, it’s an excellent way to spend time with family and friends. Beats watching TV together like couch potatoes.

Tip #39: Host a workshop.

Share the love of vegan food and host a food “workshop”. Learn how to make pasta, bread, desserts or tortillas. The sky’s the limit.

Tip #40: Say no to wool.

Vegans stay warm in winter without wearing wool. Explore alternative materials such as fleece, flannel and other synthetic fabrics that will keep you just as warm. I invested in a North Face coat soon after going vegan and have worn it for years. It’s made of Primaloft.

Tip #41: Sign up for DawnWatch.

Karen Dawn scours the media for animal-related stories, then notifies her subscribers of the articles and stories she finds. It’s a great way to stay informed and get active helping animals. After reading an article or watching a story on TV, write the editor and thank them (or not depending on the coverage) for reporting on animal issues.

Tip #42: Make an easy Valentine’s treat.

Make “fudgy balls” for your Valentine this year. It’s an easy homemade treat, and who doesn’t love a homemade gift made with love. My friend, Lindy, makes a version of this with almond butter and dried cherries. Delish!

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