Making Vegan Easy

Check out last week’s vegan tips from my Facebook page. Spread the word and share them with your family and friends. The more veggies peeps in the world, the easier it is to be vegan!

Tip #43: Vegans share their stories.

Need some inspiration? Check out some vegan testimonials. Bonus tip: Inspire someone else by sharing your story.

Tip #44: Vegans save lives.

As a vegetarian, you may save over 400 animals a year with your compassionate diet. This is a much higher figure than I have heard before. Whether I save 10 or 400 animals per year, it sure feels good to be vegan.

Tip #45: Vegans are every color.

Recently, I read a quote by The Inspired Vegan, Bryant Terry in O Magazine: “Growing up in Memphis, I was fortunate to find a small community of straight-edge punks, African-American elders, and Rastafarians that embraced veganism for religious or health reasons. There’s this perception that plant-based diets are for privileged white people, but that hasn’t been my experience.

Tip #46: Libraries stock vegan books.

After reading about Bryant Terry’s new cookbook, The Inspired Vegan, I decided to check it out from the library. When I entered the word, vegan, in the Chicago library’s online search engine, I found 163 books with the vegan in the title. How about exploring what your library has available? You may discover a great new vegan cookbook. And, don’t forget to use your voice (Tip #29) and request that your library stock vegan books if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

Tip #47: Plants contain protein too.

It’s a tired question vegans hear regularly, “Where do you get your protein?” If you eat a well-balanced vegan diet, protein is easy to come by.

Tip #48: Plants contain calcium too.

You can get plenty of calcium on a plant-based diet.

Tip #49: Get organized.

Stock your kitchen well. If you have the basics on hand, you can easily make a vegan dish at the spur of the moment. Foods to keep on hand: fresh and frozen fruits and veggies, cans of beans and diced tomatoes, nuts and seeds, assortment of whole grains, tofu, tempeh, seitan, non-dairy milk, bread and/or tortillas, nut butters and condiments such as olive oil, hot sauce, tomato sauce, mustard, vegan mayo, lemon juice and vinegars. Also stock your favorite herbs and spices.

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