Making Vegan Easy Week 8 Round-Up

Two months down, 10 months to go. Check out last week’s It’s Easy Being Vegan tips from Facebook. The hardest part of these daily tips is coming up with a new headline for the weekly blog post! Join in on the fun and spread the word. Going vegan is easy. Let’s show the world how easy it is.

Tip #50: Be informed.

Read a book about factory farming. Be ready to answer questions from skeptics.

Tip #51: Vegans are athletic.

Vegans are every shape and some are athletic. You can be healthy and fit on a vegan diet. Read Thrive Fitness by Brendan Brazier for information on eating well for an active lifestyle. You can also sign up for the Thrive in 30 Days challenge.

Tip #52: The word, vegan, is pronounced vee-gun.

Donald Watson coined the term in 1944. He was vegetarian for over 80 years. In 2002, he was asked if he had a message for the millions of people who are now vegan. He said,

Take the broad view of what veganism stands for — something beyond finding a new alternative to scrambled eggs on toast or a new recipe for Christmas cake. Realise that you’re on to something really big, something that hadn’t been tried until sixty years ago, and something which is meeting every reasonable criticism that anyone can level against it. And this doesn’t involve weeks or months of studying diet charts or reading books by so called experts — it means grasping a few simple facts and applying them.

Tip #52: Vegans bake.

There’s even a world-wide vegan bake sale. Sign-up and start perfecting your baked goods today. P.S. Lately my favorite recipe is the chocolate cake from Veganomicon.

Tip #53: Pregnant women can be healthy on a vegan diet.

Of course, consult your physician but you also may find this new book helpful, Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide.

Tip #54: Vegans come from all different religious backgrounds.

Check out the Humane Society of the United States faith outreach website and sign up for The Humane Steward, a monthly newsletter.

Tip #55: Vegans are hip, not hippies.

You don’t have to dress like a hippie to be vegan. (Of course, you can if you want to.) Gone are the days of hemp shoes being the only option. Look for vegan shoes everywhere. You may be surprised by what you find. Just last night I spotted vegan shoes in the Eddie Bauer catalog.

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