Making Vegan Easy Week 9 Round-Up

Eat Your Greens.

Happy Monday everyone! Here are last week’s Facebook tips. Don’t make me preach to the vegan choir. Share these seven easy vegan tips with everyone you know. Together we can make a more compassionate world.

Tip #56: Before you eat raw kale, massage it.

I don’t mean just move it around in a bowl, but get your hands dirty with a deep tissue massage. Your fingernails should be green. (Be sure to wash your hands well beforehand!) It makes all the difference when you eat a raw kale salad.

Tip #57: Find a veg job.

Following “Vegan Jobs” on Facebook. It’s brought to you by Vegan Mainstream. Also, check out the Help Wanted section on the VegNews website. You can also create a job search on using the keyword, vegan, and have results delivered directly to your inbox.

Tip #58: Make small changes a day at a time.

This tip comes from my wise older sister, who is also an excellent cook. (The kale salad recipe from Sunday was her recipe. Hopefully she will share more recipes with us soon!) Back to the tip. Don’t get ahead of yourself and worry about tomorrow or the next day. Just focus on making your next meal, a healthy vegan meal.

Tip #59: Ask for help.

Find a mentor. Want my help? Just ask me. You can always email me at I love answering questions related to the vegan lifestyle. I am also a mentor over at Viva La Vegan.

Tip #60: Vote with your dollars.

Vegans save money with Vegan Cuts. Subscribe to the newsletter for discounts or shop in the new market to save on vegan products.

Tip #61: Share your food.

When you visit family and friends for a meal or party, bring a vegan dish to share. Ask the hostess how you can help in advance. Most people want their guests to be happy and yet many people are perplexed by a vegan diet. Help them out and everyone wins.

Tip #62: Buck tradition.

Give up the notion that a dish is only good if it is made the traditional way, i.e. made with animal products. Evolve your mind. (See tip #34.) For instance, pudding may have originally been made with cow’s milk, but if you make it with soy milk, isn’t it still pudding? Sure, it may taste different, but it doesn’t mean it’s not good. Plus, everything tastes better when you know you aren’t contributing to animal cruelty.

Do you have a tip to share? Send it to me via the comment section below.

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