Making Vegan Easy Week 11 Round-Up

Another week done. I’m learning all kinds of things by writing these daily vegan tips including finding new vegan magazines, where to watch movies for free online and much more. Stay tuned for more easy vegan tips or like my Facebook page to read them daily. Enjoy your week!

Tip #71: Watch Go Further with vegan environmentalist Woody Harrelson.

Check NetFlix or Amazon for the full movie.

Tip #72: Check out Chickpea magazine.

I haven’t read this magazine published for the vegan community but I sure want to.

Tip #73: Eating meat is risky.

NPR and CNN update the public on what we vegans already know.

Tip #74: Watch a food documentary and be inspired.

See Forks Over Knives and you will definitely want to eat healthier; Kris Carr will inspire you in her film, Crazy Sexy Cancer; and Vegucated is a fun film for everyone. Want more? Check out these well-known oldies but goodies: Food Inc., Super Size Me (free on and Fast Food Nation.

Lunch at the Airport

Tip #75: Be optimistic.

Expect good things to happen. This week I traveled to Arkansas. It was just a day trip for work. I had to eat lunch and dinner away and mostly likely at the airport. I did not prepare or buy any vegan food to bring with me. This goes against tip #25: Be prepared. Sometimes you just have to wing it, so embrace a positive attitude and go.

The NW Arkansas Regional airport does not have a restaurant yet, but there was a gourmet food shop that made me a veggie sandwich for lunch and for dinner. I had to make a special request because all the premade sandwiches used animal products. This leads me back to tip # 29: Speak up. We were given a voice and we need to use it.

Tip #76: See free health movies online.

Watch the Beautiful Truth, a documentary about the impact of diet on cancer. It’s free on YouTube.

Tip #77: The Great American Meatout is March 20th.

How about making a vegan meal for your omnivore friends or take them to a veggie restaurant this week? Let’s show our friends and family how tasty vegan food is.


Hey friends, have you shared these tips with your family and friends yet? If not, do it today. Join me on Facebook to read these tips daily and to learn more about what’s going on in the vegan world.

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