Making Vegan Easy Week 12 Round-Up

Happy spring, my friends. It’s a great time for new beginnings, which means the perfect time to pass on these weekly easy vegan tips to friends and family. Being vegan is healthy and makes the world a nicer place. In nutshell, it’s good for us and good for the world. If you believe in it, tell a friend today.

You never know who might be interested. Just last week, a co-worker intentionally ate a vegetarian lunch after I mentioned the Great American Meatout on Facebook. Let’s change the world, one meal at a time.

Tip #78: Get started.

In honor of national meat out week, order a vegetarian starter kit for yourself or a friend. Hey, how about ordering one for each of your friends and family members and have them mailed directly to their homes. Surprise them!

Tip #79: Vegans take to main street.

Post your photo and a sentence or two about yourself on Main Street Vegan. Let’s show the world who we are.

Tip #80: The new kid on the block.

The new Daiya Vegan Cheese Wedges are available on So if you are dying to try this stuff, well then, order some today.

Tip #81: Check out the Vegan Cuts Easter Guide.

There are coupon codes too, so you can get your vegan chocolate bunnies just in time for Easter. (Remember, tip #35: vegans eat chocolate too.)

Tip #82: Be the change.

Watch the new documentary, Hungry for Change, by the folks from the Food Matters film. It’s available online for free through March 31st. I just watched it. If you need some health inspiration, it will do the trick.

Tip #83: Tell someone–anyone–about Meatless Monday.

Don’t assume “they” won’t do it. You never know who will give it a try. Allow for the possibility. Be prepared to help when someone takes you up on it.

Tip #84: Watch and learn.

Check out this website to see documentaries online (some are free). Many of the films are food related.


Hey friends, have you shared these tips with your family and friends yet? If not, do it today. Join me on Facebook to read these tips daily and to learn more about what’s going on in the vegan world.

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