Making Vegan Easy Week 16 Round-Up

Here are seven more tips for an easy vegan life. This week I focused on Earth Day. Enjoy!

Tip #106: Connect the dots.

Check out the Peace to All Creatures  ‘zine. It connects the often missing link between cats and dogs, and farm animals.

Tip #107: Don’t be alarmed.

Many vegan restaurants opt to spell meat substitutes on their menus using the real name. You may see chicken, turkey, etc. but rest assured it’s not an animal product. For example, Herbivore restaurant in San Francisco spells everything like this but it’s a vegan restaurant. Some use alternative spellings such as eggz and chi’ken. If you’re confused, just ask. People love to help.

Tip #108: Reduce.

Check out The Story of Stuff Project. Consider ways you can reduce your impact on our home planet. Small steps make a big difference over time. Can you take one today?

Tip #109: Reuse.

I reuse plastic zip lock bags, over and over. Just wash out between uses. What can you start reusing today?

Tip #110: Repair.

Before you toss something broken into the recycling or trash, consider the possibility of repair. Of course, replacing it with something shiny and new is fun, but the process of repair can also be fun AND rewarding. Have you repaired anything lately?

Tip #111: Repurpose.

Get creative and reuse stuff another way. For instance, use newspaper to clean windows (instead of paper towels) or make a sculpture out of worn-out kitchen tools. When it comes to repurposing, the possibilities are limitless.

Tip #112: Recycle.

Before you recycle (or throw away), consider tips #108-111 (reduce, reuse, repair and repurpose), then recycle. Toss in the trash only as a last resort. Learn more about what can be recycled and where to drop off on


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