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Hello Christine,

I’ve been wanting to make a dietary change for a while and I’ve come across this vegan lifestyle. I’m just trying to find a way to stick to the diet with a low budget and not a lot of time to shop for and cook all of these complex dishes. Are there any basic foods that I can start off eating that can be easily found in a grocery store and without a huge price tag?

~ Cassie

Hi Cassie,

Thanks for writing! Congratulations on your change in diet. For a healthy and low-cost vegan diet, focus on eating fresh veggies, fruits, beans, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds. A few ways to save money include:

  • Buy beans, grains, nuts and seeds in the bulk section if your grocery offers this.
  • Use dried beans instead of canned beans to save money.
  • Skip organic if it’s too expensive. Eating whole foods is what matters most — in my humble opinion.
  • Skip packaged foods — even if it’s vegan. They usually cost more and are typically less healthy.
  • Check the weekly ads at your grocery and buy what’s on sale.
  • Make food at home and enjoy with family and friends.

I have written a few blogs posts that I think may be helpful:

Cheers to healthy, vegan living!

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