Making Vegan Easy Week 19 Round-Up

Makin’ vegan easy one week at a time. Be healthier and kinder to animals and the earth — go vegan today!

Tip #127: Save money.

If you like groupon, check out these daily deal sites that want to do some good for the world while saving you money:

Tip #128: Support vegan authors.

If a vegan author comes to your city to promote their new book, go. It’s a great way to support the vegan community and you will probably learn something too.

“This is the decade of animals rights. It’s a great time to be alive.”
~Victoria Moran, author of Main Street Vegan (during her Chicago talk)

Tip #129: Become an expert.

According to Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Outliers, the key to success is practice and you become an expert after approximately 10,000 hours. That means if you commit to living vegan, you are technically an expert after one year and 53 days if you assume living vegan 24 hours a day is a form of practicing. If we take a more conservative approach and assume living vegan for 16 hours a day (while awake), then it will take you almost two years (one year and 260 days to be exact). Are you a vegan expert yet?

Tip #130: Get healthy.

Check out for meal planning and health analysis created by Jack Norris, author of Vegan Life.

Tip #131: Keep learning.

Watch Jack Norris, RD, speak about vegan nutrition: What does the science say?

Tip #132: Get cooking.

Check out the bestselling veg cookbooks on amazon. Notice that many of the Kindle versions are quite a bit less expensive than the paper version—another reason to go electronic. I have three of the books listed and Veganomicon is my favorite. What is your favorite cookbook?

Tip #133: Celebrate all moms on Mother’s Day.

Check out the cow ribbon campaign. You can send free Mother’s Day e-cards from this site to all the moms you know. If you haven’t given up dairy yet, then how about skipping it on Mother’s Day.


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