Making Vegan Easy Week 21 Round-Up

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If you like to cook, than this week’s tips are for you. There are more vegan cookbooks on the market than ever before. Last week I shared my favorites on Facebook. What are your favorite cookbooks?

Tip #141: Shop at farmer’s markets this summer.

Visit Local Harvest to find one near you. After you do that, mark it on your calendar, so you don’t forget.

Food for Thought: Notice when you go what food is available locally each week and compare that to what you would buy at the grocery store. If you’re like me, it’s quite different. We are spoiled by how far food is shipped.

Favorite cookbooks week!

Tip #142: I use The Saucy Vegetarian more than any other recipe book. I eat a lot of salads and it includes tons of excellent dressing recipes. Bonus tip: Making your own salad dressing will save you money.

Tip #143: Fresh From the Vegetarian Slow Cooker is a solid recipe book for those who want to use a slow cooker. I never used a slow cooker until last year. I picked one up at a yard sale for five bucks and have been making a lot of soups, stews and rice puddings ever since.

Tip #144: Share with others.

Monday is Memorial Day in the U.S., so it’s a three day weekend for many of us. If you’re cooking out with friends and family, be sure to bring enough vegan food to share. MSNBC posted some tasty looking vegan recipes for Memorial Day.

Tip #145: Bake better.

If you like to bake, you’ll want to read these baking tips. Mis en place is #1 on the list (It’s easy being vegan tip #121).

Favorite cookbooks week continues.

Tip #146: Save time and make healthy food fast. Use a pressure cooker. You can make a tasty stew in less than 30 minutes, or cook dried beans in a snap. We have one pressure cooker cookbook.

Tip #147: The one cookbook I recommend every new vegan gets is Veganomicom. Every recipe I have tried has been a winner. Check out the PPK for recipes online, but go get the book! You won’t be disappointed.


Hey friends, have you shared these tips with your family and friends yet? If not, do it today. Join me on Facebook to read these tips daily and to learn more about what’s going on in the vegan world.

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