Celebrations and Vegan Cheese

2007: Pizza made with Follow Your Heart

This week marks It’s Easy Being Vegan’s five year anniversary. In celebration, I’m rerunning two of my first blog posts. My first post back in 2007 was on giving up cheese. In just five years, we have seen the birth of several new vegan cheeses — making it even easier to be vegan.

The blog post below originally appeared on July 9, 2007. I have updated it for 2012.


The End of Cheese As You Know It

Do you think it would be too hard to give up dairy? I felt this way for years until a friend of mine pointed out the link between the dairy and veal industries. (Thanks, Megan.) I knew right then I had to make the change from vegetarian to vegan. For more information on what’s wrong with dairy, click here.

2012: Pizza made with Daiya

Years ago the soy cheese options weren’t so good. They didn’t melt and many included casein, a milk-by-product. Many still do. But now we live in 2012 2007 and there are great vegan cheese alternatives. My favorite is Daiya Follow Your Heart brand. It comes in several flavors and melts. You can use it on pizzas, sandwiches, nachos — anywhere you would normally use dairy cheese. You can buy it at Whole Foods Wild Oats, and many natural food stores. If you don’t live near a store that sells this product, you can buy it online. See how easy this is?

Remember: If you think you can’t give up cheese, switch your thinking and decide to give up supporting animal cruelty instead.