Making Vegan Easy Week 29 Round-Up

I’m having great fun finding new tips to share with you on Facebook everyday on healthy, sustainable and compassionate living. Here are last week’s tip. Enjoy!

Tips #197: Be informed.

Now you can sign up to receive the daily video from Dr. Greger by email. Making it even easier to stay on top of nutrition news.

Tip #198: Change begins with you.

Read this short article, The Hummingbird, by a wise high school student. The Dalai Lama did.

Hand Painted by Christine

Tip #200: Vegans create.

Not all art supplies are created equal, but you can find vegan supplies if you do some homework.

Tip #199: Fruit is a fast food, and now is a great time to eat a lot of it.

Yesterday I had the best nectarine. What’s your favorite fruit?

Tip #201: Buy Fair-Trade products when possible.

Learn more about Fair Trade here and don’t miss this comprehensive list of Fair Trade chocolate.

Tip #202: What women should eat to live longer.

Watch the video and pass it on.

Tip #203: Get your zzz’s.

“Lack of sleep hinders our ability to make smart choices about food by causing changes to the way our brains function in areas of impulse control and decision-making.”

Read the whole story.

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