A Day in the Life of a Vegan: Meet Lindy

Lindy and Baxter

Name: Lindy Stockton

Age: 50

Where do you live? Evanston, IL

How long have you been vegan? 11+ years

What’s the best part of being vegan? Knowing that when I make a choice that is vegan there are so many benefits:

  1. health
  2. environment
  3. animal welfare

Wake up:  5:30am

Activity: Walk my fun pupster Baxter for 30-45 minutes.

Breakfast: green smoothie (apple, pear, spinach, cilantro, banana, ginger — all organic, all fresh).

Work: I work full time in corporate America.  I love my career and can easily get lost in my work.  I head up Change Management for our US businesses.  Today I was at work at 8:30am.

Lunch: Freshii rice noodle bowl with edamame, broccoli, red onions, cranberries, tomatoes, cilantro, mushrooms and spicy peanut sauce.

Work: At work, especially these days (we’re going through a merger/integration), my days often are back to back meetings the entire day.  When not in meetings, I’m working on the design, development and delivery of various projects including employee readiness plans, presentations to senior leadership, leadership alignment sessions, communication plans, people risk mitigation plans, etc. Today I had meetings from 9 until noon, and 2-4:30.

Dinner: During the summer I love to grill: Tonight I had Field Harvest Italian “sausage” and grilled onions on wholewheat buns with spicy/sweet BBQ sauce, a chopped salad of arugula, spinach, summer squash, red pepper, and cucumber; fresh dressing: garlic olive oil, coconut vinegar, pepperman and a touch of agave.

Activities:  Walked Baxter and then biked to my art studio where I am working on some art and creating some workshops.

Bedtime: 11:30pm

Favorite Cause/Current Project: I have several: Step Up Women’s Network, Active Transportation Alliance and Feline Friends Chicago are a few of my faves.  I’m also starting up my own business: The Collage Café.  It’s a fun and fabulous place to come and explore your inner creative.

Favorite animal or vegan book?  Diet for a New America (John Robbins)

Favorite animal or vegan movie? Forks Over Knives

What do you want people to know about living vegan? If you’re interested in moving towards a more plant-based way of eating, try focusing on adding things to your lifestyle versus eliminating… take baby steps… find the reasons it matters to you and build on that.  It’s all about what you get to have… not what you don’t.  It’s about living a life of abundance, not deprivation. It’s like anything else… a little weird or strange at first and then second nature once you’re used to it.  Vegans come in all shapes, sizes and colors.