More on Walking

In April, I wrote about walking around San Francisco on my spring break. It’s great exercise and it fits nicely into my “keep it simple” philosophy. During the spring I participated in a walking program geared to increase activity among women in my community. For 12 weeks, I walked 10,000+ steps every day. In fact, I walked 971,542 steps over the course of the program. Most of my walks happened within my neighborhood.

During those walks, I snapped some photos to share. I didn’t capture everything on camera including a bird taking a bath, a squirrel burying nuts, a rabbit rolling in the garden (I’ve never seen such silliness!) and butterflies flitting about. This was all in a densely populated urban environment. Imagine the nature you could see if you walked in the country or even the suburbs everyday. I would be in heaven. I can think of no better way to become intimately acquainted with your neighborhood than walking. Almost everyone can walk. Why not grab a friend (and a camera) and take a walk today?

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