Dear Omnivores, Cooking for Vegans is Easy!

This page originally appeared last Fall. I was inspired to write it after a conversation with my boyfriend. As I have mentioned, I left my corporate job recently and on my last day, my team had a going away lunch for me. As the only vegan at the table, the topic of cooking for vegetarians and vegans came up. I think it is fitting to repost this as the It’s Easy Being Vegan audience has grown quite a bit since Fall.

When do you think “so and so” is going to invite us for dinner, B asked while cooking vegan mac & cheese.

You’re going to have to get a new girlfriend before that’s going to happen, I said.

You see, we like to entertain and invite friends over for dinner. I enjoy cooking for omnivores. Not one has ever left my table unsatisfied. One or two may have left a bit confused though. (Seitan?) Entertaining omnivores is a form of activism. It’s my favorite way to educate others about vegan food. I certainly don’t expect reciprocal invitations. On the other hand, I don’t want my being vegan to stop others from inviting us to dinner.


Vegan cooking stumps many omnivores, especially if they don’t spend much time in the kitchen. I get it, but there is no reason to be puzzled by vegan food. It may not be as simple as removing the animal products from a recipe. Some ingredients need to be replaced with a vegan option to make a recipe work, but it can be easy. One recent guest in particular seemed rather perplexed by the thought of cooking vegan food. This is why I told my boyfriend he would need to get a new girlfriend if he ever wanted an invitation to “so-and-so’s” house for dinner.

Then I felt bad, because he loves to socialize. I want to do my part to educate omnivores, so they will invite vegans everywhere to dinner. Plus, I don’t want my boyfriend fiance to get a new girlfriend!

Dear Omnivores,
On behalf of vegans everywhere (and I know that’s going out on the limb with this bunch!), please invite us to dinner. We eat a lot of different foods, mostly normal stuff. Watch the slide show below for some ideas, or call us and we will help with the menu. We’ll even cook a dish or two.
We vegans aren’t too hard to please. Just leave out the meat, eggs and dairy. And, yes, fish is meat and so is chicken. We promise to mind our manners at the table and refuse to talk about factory farming or why dairy sucks. We are happy to talk about why we’re vegan after dinner, but only if you ask.
Don’t be afraid of us. We’re fun people. Invite us!
Best Regards,
The Vegan Girl Next Door
See what vegans eat…

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