Making Vegan Easy Week 34 Round-Up

Every day in 2012 I am posting one tip on my Facebook page to make living vegan easier. It’s going to take an army of vegans to move the world in a more compassionate direction. Join us today!

Tip #232: Even if you are very resistant to a veg diet, it can still lower your cholesterol if you stick with it. Funny how the body ignores the mind’s resistance.

Tip #233: Try a new recipe this week. Pick one that is simple and healthy. Keeping a repository of easy, go-to recipes makes being a healthy vegan easier. If you choose a recipe online, share the link on my wall. I made this salad over the weekend. It’s a winner!

Tip #234: Learning a new skill helps keep the brain healthy, especially as we age. I’m learning Spanish and found a few Spanish language vegan blogs. Trying recipes written in Spanish will be a fun way to practice. What are you learning right now?

Tip #235: People paste famous and inspirational quotes on Facebook left and right, but do they really spur change? Like my friend, Robin, wrote on Facebook one day “be unique, be yourself” and I totally agree. So today, I claim my own quote:

I AM the change I wish to see in the world. Are you?

What is YOUR quote?

Tip #236: I was reminded this morning that when you choose to live vegan, you become a minority. You will be considered “different” from the norm. In the beginning, this may feel uncomfortable. Over time, these feelings will subside. You may even come to love being vegan as much as I do!

Tip #237: Here are some great tips for building a community. (Tips from Gaiam.TV’s Facebook page.)

Tip #238: Being vegan is about more than food. Don’t forget to consider what you wear! You can find great vegan options for clothes, shoes and accessories these days. Ask stores to carry vegan options if you don’t see any while shopping.

Hey friends, have you shared these tips with your family and friends yet? If not, do it today. Join me on Facebook to read these tips daily and to learn more about what’s going on in the vegan world.

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