It’s Time for VeganMoFo!

October is VeganMoFo (aka Vegan Month of Food). Hundreds of vegan bloggers all over the world participate. Here’s a little about it, straight from the VeganMoFo website:

VeganMoFo was originally created on the Post Punk Kitchen, as an homage to NaNoWriMo. Because we do want to write novels, but sometimes cooking gets in the way. So why not combine them!

The idea is to write as much as you can all month, about vegan food. The blog entries can be about anything food related — your love of tongs, your top-secret tofu pressing techniques, the first time your mom cooked vegan for you, vegan options in Timbuktu — you get the idea, right? If not, browse around on some of our round-ups and you’ll catch on fast!

Last night’s dinner and this morning’s breakfast: Lemongrass Curry with Broccoli and Tofu. Click photo for recipe from Vegetarian Times.

So this month I will post more often and stick to the subject of vegan food (for the most part). I have chosen a theme as well: Demystifying Vegan Food. It’s important that people understand what real vegans eat. What I mean by “real vegans” may be better explained by describing what I don’t mean. I don’t the amazing vegan bloggers who create their own recipes and have beautiful photographs accompanying them. Don’t get me wrong. We need those bloggers. I need those bloggers.

Most people don’t eat that way on a daily basis. I know I don’t, so I want to show you what an average vegan may eat on an average day. It’s not weird food, just real food. I don’t have a lot of hang ups around food either. I eat cooked and raw foods, gluten, soy, nuts and oils. I strive to eat a whole foods diet but sometimes I eat processed foods as well as white sugar and flour. I don’t get worked up about this stuff — as long as it’s not the majority of my diet. I’m all about making it easy — first on myself and then for others. You know, it’s the “oxygen mask on the airplane” thing.

I decided on this theme after an experience I had last week in an art class. I was playing around with a t-shirt design for It’s Easy Being Vegan and the instructor walked up, read my screen and said, “No, it’s not.” I asked him why. Some other students heard our conversation and a discussion ensued on the difficulties of being vegan. Blah, blah, blah.

So for VeganMoFo I will do my part to demystify vegan food with a daily photo diary of the meals I eat. You will see it’s easy being vegan. Sure, sometimes I may cook something more complicated, but mostly I don’t. When I can include the recipe in the blog post, I will. I will at least give you the source for the recipes I do cook. If you ever have questions about vegan food, don’t hesitate to email me at I’m happy to help.