Demystifying Vegan Food: What I Ate on my Birthday

October is VeganMoFo. My theme for the month is demystifying vegan food through a photo diary of my daily vegan meals. You will see what the average vegan really eats. Sometimes the food I eat may seem weird or unfamiliar but mostly you’ll find I eat food which is familiar — just without the animal products. It really is easy being vegan.

Food Notes

  • I use to think salads were diet food. Now I eat salads because I love them.
  • I didn’t eat any fruit today. Ever since I gave up my daily smoothie for breakfast, my fruit intake has plummeted.
  • We celebrated my birthday with dinner at The Chicago Dinner.
  • I split the Salisbury Steak entree with my fiance. Normally I eat too much when I go out to a restaurant, then I complain to Bill that I ate too much. Splitting an entree usually (not always!) prevents my complaining and I feel better all around.
  • I drank a glass of wine with my birthday dinner but forgot to take a photo. I don’t drink much though. The older I get the less I like drinking alcohol.

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