Demystifying Vegan Food: What I Ate on Saturday

October is VeganMoFo. My theme for the month is demystifying vegan food. Through a photo diary of my daily vegan meals, you will see what the average vegan really eats. Sometimes the food I eat may seem weird or unfamiliar but mostly you’ll find I eat food which is familiar — just without the animal products. It really is easy being vegan.

Hover over each photo for details about the food.

Food Notes

  • Saturday we put the boat away for the season, so we brought picnic type food with us for lunch. (Hey, the sailboat is for sale. Check it out here if you’re interested.)
  • My fiance and I share a lot of food. I ate half of each wrap and so did he. I don’t particularly like to share my food. I also don’t play well with others. Hahaha. I share because he likes to eat a wide variety of food and it makes him happy. I could eat the same thing for days and be happy.
  • Tings are a good substitute for Cheetohs plus they are baked and not fried — always a bonus in my opinion.
  • The Native Foods brownie is the best brownie I have had as a vegan.