Turning the Menu Upside Down on a Friday

October is VeganMoFo. My theme for the month is demystifying vegan food. Through a photo diary of my daily vegan meals, you will see what the average vegan really eats. Sometimes the food I eat may seem weird or unfamiliar but mostly you’ll find I eat food which is familiar — just without the animal products. It really is easy being vegan.

Dinner food for breakfast and breakfast food for dinner — that’s about as weird as it gets around here! Hover over each photo for details about the food.

Food Notes

  • Frank’s Hot Sauce is my favorite condiment.
  • Toffuti brand vegan sour cream is my favorite. It’s taste great and is less expensive than other brands.
  • We made the vegan cheddar cheese using the Artisan Vegan Cheese book. It’s fairly simple to make but it takes about four days to complete the process.