Making Vegan Easy Week 46 Round-Up

Every day in 2012 I’m posting one tip on my Facebook page to make living vegan easier. It’s going to take an army of vegans to move the world in a more compassionate direction. Join us today.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with family this week.

Tip #316: Today would be a great day to prepare your vegan Thanksgiving menu and next weekend you can do your shopping. Get organized now so you can enjoy the holiday with family and friends!

Tip #317: If you’re new to this journey and want to start small, then start making vegan food the main dish and the animal products the side dish. Make that change and then start to crowd out the meat, eggs and dairy with vegan foods.

Tip #318: If you’re new to this journey and you’re an all or nothing kind of gal (or guy) like me, then set a date and just do it: January 1 is a great time to make a change. You have over a month now to mentally prepare, clean out your kitchen (and closets if you like) and go vegan. (It was about this time eight years ago that I began this process.)

Tip #319: With the holidays (and the most gluttonous eating season of the year) just around the corner, now is a great time to watch a healthy eating documentary. Last week I watched Planeat. Check it out at here.

Tip #320: November 15 is America Recycles Day. If  you’re not recycling yet, pledge to do so today. Learn how to recycle just about anything at here.

Tip #321: One week from today is Black Friday. Instead of joining the masses at the mall, consider simplifying this holiday season. Start by participating in “Buy Nothing Day” which is the day after Thanksgiving.

Tip #322: A diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids may reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Fish oil is not the only way to get your Omega-3’s. There are excellent vegan sources including walnuts and ground flaxseed. There are also vegan supplements available that don’t include fish oil.

Tip #323: On Friday, November 23, activists all over the world will participate in fur-free Friday marches to protest the use of animal fur. Use Google to find a peaceful march near you.

Tip #324: I celebrated Thanksgiving a few days early this year. We made this gravy recipe. It’s simple AND awesome. If you plan to make gravy this week, try this recipe. I can’t wait to smother some leftovers with it for lunch. (I didn’t wait until lunch. I lasted until breakfast!)

Hey friends, have you shared these tips with your family and friends yet? If not, do it today. Join me on Facebook to read these tips daily and to learn more about what’s going on in the vegan world.

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