Who Thinks It’s Easy Being Vegan?

A few weeks ago on Facebook, I asked “Who thinks it’s easy being vegan?” Here are some of the responses. Turns out  a lot of people agree that it’s easy being vegan!

I was pescatarian and went vegan by accident. So, yeah, it’s very easy.

Easy as can be! I used to be a total meat and potatoes person. After viewing Forks over Knives, I changed my diet the next day. I just veganize all the dishes I used to eat. I don’t miss a thing.

Being vegan easy? Well, easier. Easier than worrying about who is on my plate; easier than worrying about higher risks of obesity, heart disease, stroke, numerous cancers; easier than violating my Buddhist precepts of not killing and to not taking what is not given; easier than feeling guilt about the animals I eat being the source of the 51% of humanities GHCs from carniculture; easier than feeling guilty about feeding crops into ‘my’ cow, which could have been fed to people; easier than knowing how ‘my’ turkey, cow, chicken, pig, fish lived and died; easier knowing that what I do wrecks the environment less that what an omnivore does. The hard parts: reading every label, being a ‘pain’ to friends, family, employers and restaurants, having to learn to cook (buts it’s cheaper and better and more fun than another frozen vegan lump from the store, or a third day of the same ethnic leftovers from a restaurant), wanting a steak or pizza and I know there are pretty decent fakes. Remembering why I’m vegan makes the hard parts easier.

This guy! It was hard for like the first month because I didn’t realize how much I actually COULD eat, but the next three years have been simple.

So much easier than it was 20 years ago, but it was always easy enough compared to the guilt I felt about spending my first 18 years non-veg and then a couple more just vegetarian.

Way easier than I thought it would be — mainly because it feels natural and coherent.

Not particularly to be honest. But it’s easier on the animals and easier on the conscience so that’s why I continue.

For me it’s not hard to not eat animals. What I found hard in the beginning was knowing what to eat and having to learn to cook different meals. I don’t really like to cook and find cooking for one takes time. As time went by I did research and found amazing sites on line, like yours, and found great recipe ideas and tips on how to be vegan. Now I am finding it easier. Still learning how to plan meals for the week and shop properly for the stuff I need that week and not over spending on stuff I think I might use, then end up throwing it out! I make a lot of soup and freeze some so I will always have something on hand. So the answer is yes and no! Very easy to not eat meat, not so easy at first figuring out the rest!

Vegan is so easy! It’s being gluten free that is a challenge.

So what do you think? Is it easy? What are your challenges? Use the comment section below and give us the details.