15 Quick Tips From Dr. Fuhrman

Last week I attended a talk by Dr. Fuhrman at the Center on Halsted. This talk was based on his book, Super Immunity. He presented information on cancer prevention plus delivered quite a few funny jokes.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) was developed by the Taliban. ~Dr. Fuhrman

Consider the following list the “Cliff Notes” version. If you want to learn more, check out his book, Super Immunity.

BerriesMushroomsGreens and Onions

  1. Chew your food — well! It helps with digestion and accessing specific nutrients that are released during the chewing process that otherwise are not available.
  2. Eat your G-BOMBS everyday. That is, eat a lot of Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries and Seeds.
  3. Eating white flower and sugar are cancer causing, especially for breast cancer.
  4. Synthetic nutrients, i.e. vitamin supplements, can cause cancer when taken in excess. It is best to get your nutrients from whole foods.
  5. Antibiotics increases the risk of breast cancer.
  6. Cruciferous green vegetables lower the risk of breast cancer.
  7. Overcooking vegetables reduces some of the cancer-fighting compounds. He’s not against cooking them, just overcooking them.
  8. Eat one large raw salad per day and include a few nuts (for fat) to help absorb nutrients from the vegetables.
  9. Avoid processed foods.
  10. Take care of your health so that you don’t need to go to a doctor for remedies.
  11. Alcohol: 2-3 glasses a week otherwise the risk for breast cancer increases.
  12. Coffee: He doesn’t advocate coffee, especially if it’s an addiction, but acknowledges there are some healthy promoting properties.
  13. Desk jobs are killers. Get up and move–often.
  14. Supplements that vegans may want to consider: DHA/EPA, B12, Zinc and Iodine.
  15. Use food synergistically for good health.




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