Got (Soy) Milk?

It's Easy Being VeganGo Vegan Step-by-Step, Part 11

Step 5: Got (Soy) Milk?

Switch to a non-dairy milk. Soy milk is a well-known milk alternative, but lately it has a lot of competition. There is almond, oat, hemp, rice, coconut, flax, hazelnut and 7-grain flavors. Then you will find sweetened and unsweetened; vanilla, chocolate or plain. You have a lot of choices.

I switched to vanilla-flavored soy milk well before I decided to go vegan. A non-vegan friend had made the switch and suggested it. I tried it. I liked it. I thought why not! Done. No more cow’s milk. That will make for some happy cows.

HiResBright Idea: Host a taste test party to determine your favorite non-dairy milk(s). Invite friends and family to try a variety of flavors in a blind taste test. This is a simple and fun way to influence others to make the switch also.