Learn to Cook

It's Easy Being VeganGo Vegan Step-by-Step, Part 12

Step 6: Learn to Cook

If you don’t know how to cook, learn—now. Sign up for a cooking class, read cookbooks or watch cooking shows on TV. Cooking is one of the most important skills you can have for good health. When you eat out, you don’t know exactly what goes into your food (think salt, fat and sugar), nor do you know the quality of the ingredients. I don’t mean you should never go out to eat, but eating nourishing meals at home, more often, is a healthier option. Make cooking a family affair. A family that cooks together stays together.

PetPeeveIconPet peeve: Eating dinner in front of the TV every night. It’s one thing if you live alone and eat in front of the TV. It’s another thing if you live with your family and eat in front of the TV. Every family should eat one meal together a day.

Suggested reading: Cooking Solves Everything by Mark Bittman