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It’s Easy Being Vegan Step-by-Step

It's Easy Being VeganStep 16: Try New Restaurants

Start adding in vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

True story: The Chicago Diner is a vegetarian institution. It’s been around for ages. It’s slogan: Meat free since ’83. When vegetarians and vegans come to Chicago, this is THE place to eat in the windy city. As a vegetarian, I lived near the Chicago Diner for six years and only ate their once. How stupid is that! Why? I was really resistant to the lifestyle even as I lived it. I never wanted to be different or weird, so I tried to fit in and be as “normal” as everyone else.

It wasn’t until I was vegan and having brunch with a couple of friends that I understood why. I was raised to fit in and not be different. What an “aha” moment that was. I’m 44 years old and still don’t like being different, but I am learning to be myself. It takes time to change. Be willing to evolve is the first step, then we must allow ourselves to change at our own pace.

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