How to Give Up Meat

It’s Easy Being Vegan Step-by-Step

It's Easy Being VeganStep 19: Stop Eating Meat

You may want to break this down into smaller steps and give up eating one animal at a time. Many people already avoid “red meat” for health reasons, but consider that more harm is caused by the eating of smaller animals like chickens and turkeys than large animals like cows. There is less meat on smaller animals so it takes many more animals to feed the same amount of people as it does with cows or pigs. By reducing your meat consumption one animal at time and starting with the smaller animals first, you will be reducing more animal cruelty than if you give up large animals first.

All of these animals are sentient beings and feel pain. Ideally you will give up all meat at once but if you’re going the step-by-step route, than try giving them up in this order.

  1. Fish and other sea life
  2. Birds: Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks and Geese
  3. Rabbits
  4. Goats
  5. Sheep
  6. Pigs
  7. Cows